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Tuesday, April 5

When the Past Comes Back...

One of the kids I knew in high school, who lived just down the street from me, died at a very early age. We never found out how he died, but it was quick. His name was Andy.

Andy used to always hang out with a local parish priest, Father Brian McKeon. I went to confession with Father McKeon, he was there at our Catholic retreat, he even coachd my brother's hockey team.

Father Brian was a guiding light for me in my difficult teenage years. It was he who told me playing Dungeons & Dragons wasn't evil. He asked me, "Do you think it's wrong in your heart?" No, I replied. "Then there's nothing wrong with it."

I'll never forget when we were at the retreat, we took a moment of slience to speak to Jesus. I asked Father Brian what Jesus shared with him and he said, "his heart." Wow! Jesus said the same thing to me too. Nothing like having a spiritual experience in common with a priest, right?

Well, it turns out Father Brian wasn't quite as spiritual as I believed. Read here for more details.

I made the connection between Andy and McKeon years later. Worse, not only was Andy being abused, McKeon abused his younger brother after his death. You can read an article about Andy's father (who chose not to be identified in the article) here.

Thankfully, McKeon never abused me. But I looked to him as a role-model and much of what I believed he stood for must now be viewed in a different light. Nothing like having a child molester tell you about right and wrong.


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