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Thursday, May 5

Ancient Kingdoms: Greece™

Roleplay in the golden age of Greek civilization. This is a place where the gods gaze down from their fastness on Olympus, a place of brave hoplites, ferocious minotaurs, wise priestesses, mystical druids, mighty athletes and magic-wielding hermetics. Here, only the bravest and the most cunning survive. Find adventure in ancient Greece, but only if you have the heart of a hero!

The Glories of Greece
Ancient Kingdoms: Greece™ is a sourcebook for a campaign set in the bygone era. From the depths of Hades to the peaks of Olympus, from the martial splendor of Sparta to the wisdom and learning of Athens, this book contains all you need to run or participate in an ancient Greek campaign. Play one of a dozen new player character races or nearly 30 new classes. Brave the dangers of the labyrinth, participate in the ancient Olympics, battle over 50 new monsters.

Estimated Retail Price: To be announced
Estimated Page Count: To be announced
Authors: Michael Tresca
Scheduled Release: 2006 (Kenzer) [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:21 PM

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