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Tuesday, May 31

The Children of Leviathan - Part 2: The Shrike

“Aye,” said the grizzled old sea dog, “but trouble be all we’ve got these days.” He jabbed a thumb at his own chest. “I be First Mate Baldric. An' I don’t care wi' th' captain thinks, I own this ship an' th' crew listens t' me. If ye want t' be on here, ye`re goin' t' be havin' t' pass th' test.”

Grumbles of “pass the test” and “they won’t do it” came from the assembled crew.

“What kind of test?” asked Vlad.

Baldric grinned a mouthful of rotten teeth. “Arr, that’s th’ rub. Ye need…” he leered closer to Ilmarė, “t’ sin’ a song.”

Ilmarė blinked. “What did he just say?”

“I think,” said Bijoux, “he wants us to sing a song?”

“Sing the song!” shouted the pirates over and over. “Sing the song!”

“Each o’ ye has a certain part t’play. An’ ye better sin’ it!”

Crazy Bob handed out slates with each part of the song. Cal turned his around several times.

“What’s this say?” he whispered to Bijoux.

The Fihali looked at Cal’s slate. “That’s the letter A, I believe.”

Ilmarė looked up from her slate. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” [MORE]


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