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Sunday, June 19

The Children of Leviathan - Part 7: The Island

Baldric looked the blade over thoughtfully. “This be th' Captain’s knife. It nere failed th' lad, e'en in th' worst o' odds. I didna like th' lad much, but he be a jack an' our comrade. His death requires...vindication.”

Baldric put his hand on Ilmarė’s shoulder. His expression changed from a kindly old salt to that of a bloodthirsty pirate. “Allow Captain Bezyli his final retort.”

“I’m only borrowing it,” said Ilmarė softly. She plucked the knife out of Baldric’s weathered hands and tucked it into her belt. “It belongs in your hands.” Ilmarė closed Baldric’s hands. “A captain’s hands.” [MORE]


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