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Tuesday, June 21

The Children of Leviathan - Part 8a: The Caves

Moments later Cal resurfaced. He reared back and vomited a huge amount of seawater.

“It lets you breathe water,” said the Ss’ressen. Then he roughly picked up Kham.

His eyes fluttered open. “Wha…?”

“Drink,” said Cal, shoving the gourd into his mouth and upending its contents. Kham sputtered in surprise as the liquid poured down his throat.

“Wait a minute,” said Kham, “if you think I’m going to go down there strapped to your back you are out of scaly mind! What if the potion only works on lizards?”

“Then you will drown,” said Cal. He tightened the straps and this time tied Kham so that they were back to back. Cal threw the gourd to the others.

“I want to be strapped to somebody else!” said Kham, looking around desperately for sympathy. “Why am I attached to the suicidal alligator?”

“Drink. Then follow,” said Cal. Before Kham could say any more, he dove into the water. [MORE]


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