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Friday, June 17

Photoshop Eyepopping Effects

Another new tutorial from my brother, Joe Tresca: "Photoshop Eyepopping Effects":

Photoshop Eyepopping Effects

If you've ever looked at a magazine advertisement and wondered just, "how did they do that?", than this video training is for you. Photoshop Eye Popping Effects lets you in on the insider tips and tricks that the pros use to create amazing graphical images that are jaw-dropping and eye-popping! Photoshop expert, Joe Tresca takes you through over 3 hours of intense video training which is like having a class room in your home or office. Learn a few short steps to creating fire type. Learn how to create brushed metal, futuristic interfaces and reflective web buttons. Learn how to make an image pop from the boundry and much more. If you know the basics then your ready for this video training CD-ROM which will allow you to pause, fast forward and rewind lessons. The training offered on this CD is easily worth hundreds of dollars in class time that you'd normally have to spend to get the same level of training.

Buy it now at Amazon.com!


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:27 AM

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