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Sunday, July 17

Cast Upon Tides of Weal and Woe - Introduction

This session took place over several hours at a Memorial Day barbecue. I knew it would take long with the sheer amount of detailed NCPs that the party had to face. I was also prepared this time, with cardboard maps and props, miniatures of all types (including my collection of painted lead miniatures, figures from the Pirate Battle game, and toys from a party store), and of course, my pirate mask.

What ensued was complete chaos. This was a grand melee of seven players against all kinds of enemies, such that I can’t even cover them all in the story hour. I hope you enjoy how I chose to portray them, as the bad guys are like the Legion of Doom—they’re just evil versions of the good guys. Just about everybody has an evil counterpart, but my favorite was Zainat Zameri, the clerical gunslinger who is after the bounty on Kham’s head. I had plans to use the dueling rules from D20 Deadlands…but with Kham, things never go according to plan. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:17 PM

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