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Thursday, July 7

Complete Guide to Werewolves Ships!

The Complete Guide to Werewolves just shipped from the printer. This sourcebook covers everything you need to build a campaign centered around one of the all-time classic monsters. Here's an art gallery for Complete Guide to Werewolves so you see some of the book's highlights:

The ulhednir prestige class: a raging horror of tooth and claw!

Other werewolves prefer stealth and surprise over strength and fury.

Werewolves come in many breeds, such as the nubilus werewolves of the plains.

Some breeds believe in protecting the land they inhabit... through whatever means necessary.

Werewolves have a cosmology of their own, including patron deities and the Alpha Lupercus, priests of the wolf-god Lupercus.

So too do they have enemies, such as this Lupus Venator.


posted by Michael Tresca at 2:01 PM

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