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Monday, July 25

Modern Dispatch Celebrates Issue #50

This week we (RPGObjects, Adamant, 12 to Midnight, Ronin Arts) celebrate 50 issues of the Modern Dispatch. In honor or this milestone, this week they have placed most back issues on sale for 50c off and 3 month subscriptions for $2 off (one subscription only please).

Buy Modern Dispatch: Deadline, Inc. (#32) for just 75 cents!

This issue of the Modern Dispatch features Deadline, Inc., the military arm of a company that has holdings in gas, oil, and minerals. It considers itself to be a military consultancy, and it purports to specialize in advice and problem resolution for legitimate governments. It is an independent entity, but its senior officers are former military personnel from several major nations.

NOTE: This article, while usable on its own, is best used with Ronin Arts’ Modern: Mercenary Manual, also by Michael Tresca.


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:37 AM

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