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Sunday, August 14

Cast Upon Tides of Weal and Woe - Part 4: Freeport

Sebastian was staring at the ships in the harbor. He exchanged a glance with Beldin.

"I see it," the dwarf said.

Vessels from every known nation lay at anchor in the harbor or were moored in the docks. Amongst them were Canceri merchantmen, Naeraanthi trading cogs, Altherian carracks, Coryani trade galleys, Skohiir longships, a crimson-sailed Garundian slave ship, Magran brigantines, Freeporter caravels and a single, black-hulled dromon.

"See what?" asked Cal.

"Ymandragorians," said Sebastian. The black hull of the dromon was unmistakably a ship of Ymandragore. Inside, demons were chained to its hull, the magical engines that propelled the evil ship across the ocean.

Sebastian pulled the hood of his cloak up over his head. "We must be cautious." [MORE]


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