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Monday, August 22

Cast Upon Tides of Weal and Woe - Part 5b: All Ashore That Are Going Ashore

"Well if it ain't just my lucky day," said Zainat with his peculiar accent. "I done thought Cam Val'Abebi went down with the Dauntless." He eased back his midnight blue watch coat to reveal the mother-of-pearl handle of his flintlock. "There's a bounty on yer head, boy." Two more hired thugs flanked Zainat but stood off to the side. "And I intend to collect on it."

Kham froze in mid-step. He pushed his back his jacket to reveal all four of his handgonnes. "It's pronounced ‘kai-EM'. Have we met?"

"Fortunately fer you, not ‘til today," said Zainat. "I hear ya run off from Altheria with the plans tah make a bunch of gonnes. From whatcher carrying there, I can see it's true. Ya been abusin' the privilege of an Altherian, boy. I'm here tah set things straight. I'm a callin' you—"



posted by Michael Tresca at 9:54 AM

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