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Monday, August 1

Detention of the Damned: Blood, Brains, and Backpacks

Check out Crimson Aneurysm's D20 Modern message board game: Detention of the Damned: Blood, Brains, and Backpacks! He uses D20 Modern and Blood and Brains: The Zombie Hunter's Guide.

Like any other significant population of human beings, the small Northern California town of Pleasant Valley has its secrets. Hidden evils, both minor and grave, lurk behind its manicured gardens and friendly inhabitants. Tough, brawny, Coach Murphy, for example, enjoys berating the weaker, scrawnier boys in his gym class...but come nightfall, he puts on pantyhose, stands in front of his bedroom mirror and weeps. Sally Callahan was her class's homecoming queen...but Skip Traister got her pregnant, and now she takes out the misery of her dead-end life on the soft, defenseless body of her infant son. "He fell out of his crib," she tells Skip when he comes home drunk from the paper mill. And stranger things spread their ineffable corruption among the townspeople. Little Jimmy Buckton isn't sure why the rotting corpse of his pet cat tasted quite so good slithering its way in pieces down his throat, but he wants more...and young Herman Mulfield across the street has been looking awful tasty. The strange wooden doll that Principal Henriksen picked up on vacation in Budapest is undeniably ugly, but lately it's been telling him some pretty interesting things...like how pretty the insides of his students' heads will look decorating the freshly painted halls of Pleasant Valley High School. It's only a matter of time before the stench of the rot afflicting Pleasant Valley is too putrid to be ignored... [MORE]


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