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Monday, August 15

Frost & Fur Reviewed at Dragon's Landing!

Frost & Fur received a fantastic review in Episode 4 of the Dragon's Landing Inn podcasts:
  • Is Chuck a power gamer?  You decide!  (Shoot!  This should have been the poll question for the week!)
  • We announce the contest winners!
  • On the Frugal Gamer, we look at some of the dungeon tiles a fold-up cardboard models available for your miniatures.  Here are the links: HeroQuest Tiles, Dungeoneering.net, Lemonbutter.com, Stones Edges, and Chunky Dungeons.
  • We answer some questions from our listeners.
  • We review some products from Highmoon Media.
  • And we discuss new ways of starting a campaign rather than the tired, old, "Alright, you're in a tavern..."


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:24 PM

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