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Saturday, August 27

IK World Guide Wins TWO ENnies

I got tired of waiting for someone to make a big deal about this. Since I'm just one of a billion contributors, I figured that if I don't mention it, nobody will. So here it is:

The Iron Kingdoms World Guide won TWO ENnies, for Best Writing and Best Campaign Supplement! It's a bit difficult to lay claim to the award, as there were so many contributors. I think it's a crying shame that the folks who contributed (myself included) didn't get any credit whatsoever in the book's success, so I'm correcting that oversight here:

Writers: Rob Baxter, Brian Gute, Joe Martin, Doug Seacat, Jason Soles.

Other Writing and RPG R&D Contributors: Brian Brousseau, Jason Dawson, Chris Gunning, Brett Huffman, James Maliszewski, Martin Oliver, Phil Reed, Bryan Steele, Jon Thompson, Michael Tresca.

That's everybody. Sorry we couldn't all be mentioned in the thank you speech (you know, the usual, "there's too many contributors to list" speech), but now I can feel vindicated that EVERYONE got credit for those two ENnies. Congratulations to all involved!


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:46 AM

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