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Friday, August 19

Living Greyhawk: Dark Deceit on Bright Sands

Fortunately, we were able to muster an entire group of APL2 players and off we went, and the DM was no less than the author himself!

Unfortunately, he was a bit annoyed by the "nerfing" of his module. The less said, the better, but let me just state that Blast hates kobolds enough that I would consider multiclassing as a ranger with humanoid (reptilian) as favored enemy. Blast went down (but not out!) Along with much of the party in a corridor full of murder holes. First time we used pyrotechnics to get the hell out of there.

Unlike the first adventure, we made it out on time...we even got out early. Which was good, because Eric arrived. Then we went to the dealer room again.

Good news is it looks like I've got another major project coming up. Hope to have an outline soon. I also bought a lot of stuff, but that's for the next blog entry...


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:45 PM

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