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Sunday, August 21

Living Greyhawk: The Price of Power

By this time we were all seasoned gamers, having been through at least one Living Greyhawk adventure. So we were happy when our latest players appeared to be mellow. The only small glitch was that one of the players was late, but he arrived just in time for the first combat.

This adventure was much more of a "find this quest item" plot, which suited us just fine. We spent some time in a town, role-playing with the DM, who was cool.

We ultimately killed some undead, fought off some bandits, and otherwise got a crazy book back to its rightful undead owner. In the woods. I called it the Pinecone Witch Project.

The only hiccup was a guy who was annoyed that Eric didn't specifically use the flanking bonus. To put it another way, apparently everyone is supposed to run around targets than straight at them. So yes, the barbarian, who was in a frothing rage, actually ran PAST an opponent, only to swing back behind him, all for the flanking bonus. It was a really stupid thing to harass anybody about, but this guy had difficulty letting it go. Not cool.Then again, I'm generally disdainful of people who argue with the DM, and there was some of that going on as well.

Anyway, Blast leveled (not a structure, he went up in level) as did Matt's character Perin.

All in all, our second best game of the con.


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