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Saturday, August 20

Living Greyhawk: The Quotes

Ever been to the Prancing Pony? The Red Dragon? Then why bother calling the local tavern anything more than what it is: The Adjective Noun.

A lot of Greyhawk adventures are mysteries, and depending on the party, can be quite ridiculous. So let the world know by adding, "Scooby Doo and the..." to the title. For example:

Alternately, CSI: Greyhawk can be added as well. This idea is all the guys at Skirmisher Publishing, so blame them if your players use it.

Eric gets the blame for this one: imagine Deliverance, only with orcs and elves. "Yew got sum purty ears..."

Finally, another one from the Skirmisher gang. Whenever a PC is hit by a touch spell, the other player asks, "show us on the miniature where the dirty orc touched you."

So much humor in the first half of that game. Too bad it didn't last.


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:00 PM

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