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Saturday, August 20

Living Greyhawk: Return to the Undercity

Well, this turned out to be Blast's best adventure yet. Sort of.

Blast is a noble wannabe, who forever wants to join the elven court but can never get in because he's a low class shlub from Bissel. This adventure took place in Celene, the elven homeland, so he was in his glory.

We gamed with an old school DM who was a lot of fun. Two of the players were my buds at Skirmisher Publishing. Hi guys!

Things were going well. We beat a back a slaver attack and hatched a plot to pretend the press gang attack worked, through judicious use of charm person and hypnotism. We were about to be led straight to the bad guys...when THAT GUY screwed it up.

This player, who shall remain nameless, had the only character that could speak goblin. Since the slavers were hobgoblins, we needed him to pull off the ruse. Instead, he spat at the slavers, who proceed to beat him nearly to death. That forced us to reveal our plan early.

Then, this genius slit the throat of one of our bad guy captives without explaining his actions. When he went to do it a second time, our lawful good cleric (played by Eric) intervened...and The Idiot slashed another hobgoblin's throat again anyway. What the hell?!

His excuse was that as neutral good he "hates slavers" to the exclusion of everything else, including sanity. And oh yeah, he had 16,000 gold as a 2nd level ranger, and some weird ass "sand sculpture" item that can turn into any mundane item which was from the Sandstorm book, only he didn't have it with him. He argued with the DM over every rule. By the end of it, the DM had to lecture us on how to have fun.

Fortunately, the planning saved time, so we finished...barely. Great group spoiled by an idiot, but that's the risk you run in playing a living game...people are unpredictable.

It wasn't all bad. We had a bunch of notable quotes that may not seem funny now but were hysterical at the table:


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