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Friday, August 19

Living Greyhawk: Secrets of Tsojcanth

Matt's first intro to Living Greyhawk was a great one. We got to play in the "special edition" of the event, which means the DM has minis for all the monsters. Our DM was a female, which is only noteworthy because the women outnumbered the men at the table (4 women, 3 men). We were fortunately playing with all adults too. Everyone was extremely cool.

We also had a great mix: fighter, ranger, barbarian, wizard and 2 clerics. We were sorely tested fighting 3 kobolds, but the greatest threat came from each other. Perin/Matt tried to hop over a trap only to set it off, whereupon a troll nearly mangled us all. We killed another kobold shaman (and his little dog too!) Along with some nasty spiders. Then there was the water elementals...

One of the clerics was a gnome asherati, basically desert people who are terrified of water. And we had to get in a boat. She spent most of her time clinging to a barbarian. Time ran out, so we had to stop in mid-adventure.

This is one of the best groups I've played with in a long time. B last spent his money on a new wand of magic missile, so we'll be better prepared for the next challenge. One thing that sucked is cash values were not provided for magic items from other sourcebooks besides the DMG. So we couldn't buy some of the items we earned.

That minor quibble aside, it was a great first adventure! And now it's too late to do the other summaries, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Night!


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