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Thursday, August 18

On the Plane

First, let me state up front that I am only typing this on the plane...the wireless function is not actually on. So this entry won't show up until we land.

Anyway, I ended up sitting next to Peter and his buddy (I instantly forgot his name after introducing myself...I'm so bad!). They are indeed going to Gen Con to play Shadowrun no less. This is their first trip to the convention too. They weren't too eager to talk to me (I can't blame them, most gamer types find me a bit overwhelming), so I'm not going to harass them further.

Matt was up really late last night, so he's now fast asleep. Lucky bastard. I, on the other hand, felt obligated to drink an entire can of diet Pepsi. It goes like this:

  1. They ask if you'd like a drink.
  2. You're a little thirsty, so you say yes.
  3. Then you realize that you can't very well throw away a can full of soda--it'll leak through those flimsy trash bags--and that eventually you HAVE to throw the can away. So there's all this pressure.
  4. By the end of it I end up hastily guzzling the whole can, stressed out every time the stewardess goes by with a bag and wondering if that was my last chance to get rid of the damn soda.

Can you tell I've had a lot of caffeine? Man, I should try to take a nap, but now I'm not tired. Curse you Matt and you cat-napping skills! If this keeps up I may bother poor Peter again. Next update will be from the ground as we face down the CR 10 Share-A-Ride!


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