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Thursday, August 18

Ready, Get Set...

Okay, so now I'm wishing I could learn to instantly fall asleep. I think I'm running on a couple hours of sleep at this point, but there was much preparation to do and I don't sleep very well anyway. My secret plan is to sleep on the plane, but that never works.

A preface about the nature of this blogging thing and Blackberries. It's hard to type accurately on a Blackberry. So I apologize in advance if there are typos--I plan to go back and edit/compile my entries later.

A quick introduction to my traveling companions:
* The stalwart Matt Hammer is going with me from Connecticut. He's also graciously agreed to drive. Matt's the kind of guy you want in a pinch, because...well, because he's a lot bigger than me, and he agrees to do things like drive to the airport. And sleep on the uncomfortable roll-out bed (we'll see how that works out).
* Eric Reifert, my brother-in-law and premiere play tester. Whereas Matt's playtested my ideas because he games in my campaign, Eric playtests my published books because he actually LIKES them. He's the only person I know how's actually played all of my adventures. He's driving to Indianapolis from Michigan and will be joining us tonight.
* My lovely wife Amber. She's not going this year, but this blog is dedicated to her. Without her support, I could never go. Also, she's my agent. She ensures I eat at the right times, get to the right places, and don't make a fool of myself. Since she's not going, I'm going to have to do the clear thinking for myself. Or ask Matt.

In other words, we're screwed. :)

Five minutes before Matt picks me up. See you in the next entry!


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