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Sunday, August 7

Review: Death in Freeport

What's interesting about Freeport is that although it's nominally presented as a pirate setting (with an 18th-century feel to it), the adventure has almost nothing to do with the setting.

Basically, an alien being on an exploratory mission possesses a librarian of the Temple of Knowledge (Lucius) in Freeport. Lucius promptly leaves the Temple and disappears for several years, only to return with no memory of his past. He tries to put it all behind him, but eventually his dark past catches up with him.

No wait, that's not entirely true. We have no idea what Lucius experiences. We only know that a secret cult of serpent people and human cultists are attempting to bring back their dark god, the god of the Yellow Sign. And that the leader of the cult suspects that Lucius might have some tie to their dark god. So they capture and torture Lucius, ultimately leading the adventurers on a path to retrieve him.

Not much in the way of pirates, huh? [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 3:18 PM

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