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Saturday, August 20

True Dungeon: Battle Beneath Castle Greyhawk

All the pent up nervousness when playing this LARP (and let there be no doubt, it's a LARP) had dissipated, so we could concentrate on enjoying ourselves. Unfortunately, this session wasn't as good as the first.

Basically, the problem with this year's True Dungeon is that the riddles were hard. REALLY hard. I was thrilled to be the bard again (I had all the bard runes memorized), and in this adventure that knowledge came in handy. A few of our fellow players dropped significant cash (as in, real life money) to buy more equipment tokens, including a masterwork lute, so my singing helped more. There's a rumor that someone bought $2,000 worth of tokens, but I'm not sure if I believe it.

There was a lot more combat this go round, and with our bulked-up items, we blew through them. Matt, as the wizard, blasted an efreeti. Eric, as the rogue, sneak attacked several monsters. My annoying singing caused several monsters to attack me (the DM's were quite vengeful), whereupon I would sing "U can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. And you know what?

Both times the monsters rolled a 1. Seriously.

Then we got to the end and were imprisoned in Limbo forever. The End.

It was obvious that a lot of people were getting frustrated as the DMs in each room kept giving us hints.

Overall, this version of True Dungeon was okay. It had more combat and the bard was much more useful, but it wasn't as thrilling as Assault Atop Castle Greyhawk.


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