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Friday, September 16

Cast Upon Tides of Weal and Woe - Part 9b: A Vengeful Storm


The double doors shuttered. An axe blade rent a crack through one of the doors.


"Everyone to their weapons!" shouted Locksan, pointing to different thugs. "Crossbows up! You shoot the first thing that comes through those doors!"


Amalia gripped her flamberge with both hands. Broled had his longsword out. Neyadis was poring over a scroll. Zainat was at least sitting upright.


The double doors fell forward, revealing the three forms of a dwarf, a human, and a ss'ressen in the fog. Seven halberdiers were lined up behind them.

"And here I thought this was gonna be easy," said Zainat.


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:02 AM

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