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Thursday, September 29

Cast Upon Tides of Weal and Woe - Part 10: Ebb Tide

Where two boys once stood, only one remained. Camring had transformed into a bestially monstrous form. It was six-feet tall, with slick blue-black skin stretched tautly over knotty cords of muscle, long arms ending in viciously taloned and webbed claws, a bullet-like head with no discernable neck, and a face more fish than human.

Uttering a guttural, inarticulate moan, it turned and lunged from the room, crashing through the windows to the garden below.

Vlad moved to pursue. Bijoux put a hand out. "Let him go. Things are now as they should be," she said. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:58 AM

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