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Friday, September 30

D20 Modern Halloween Special

Zombies and slashers and ghosts, oh my!

It's that time of year again, when the dead rise up out of their graves, ghosts return to their old haunting grounds, and every moron in a mask demands candy at the end of a butcher's knife. It's enough to make a role-player mad!

Well fear no more. These handy guides will teach you how to spot the enemy, neutralize the enemy, and most importantly, blow the enemy to bits, preferably with a shotgun. Best of all, for one month only, they're a buck off the cover price! Get the coupon here:

BLOOD AND BLADES: THE PROFILER'S GUIDE TO SLASHERS ($6.95 with coupon): Contains new victim classes, a cohesive system for horror, madness, panic and fear, rules on playing a GM-less horror movie-style game. And of course, your favorite movie monsters, from the warrior breed to the demon pumpkin, the demonic slasher to the dream stalker, the thin stranger and his sentinel spheres to the soul sucker and the dreaded shape. Buy it at now at RPGNow.

BLOOD AND SPOOKS: THE GHOST HUNTER'S GUIDE ($5.45 with coupon): If you've ever wanted to open your own ghost busting franchise, this book will help you do it. It includes eight advanced classes, over 50 psionic powers, and plenty of ghost busting equipment to keep the restless dead contained. This guide ain't afraid of no ghosts! Buy it now at RPGNow.

BLOOD AND BRAINS: THE ZOMBIE HUNTER'S GUIDE ($6.95 with coupon): Everything you need to kill zombies, including a random zombie generator, 10 new occupations, five new advanced classes, and more weapons than you can shake a stick at. Come to think of it, the stick works too! But it now at RPGNow.


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