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Thursday, September 8

New Blood & Blades Review

Marx Pyle just reviewed Blood and Blades: The Profiler's Guide to Slashers at SciFi411.com:
There are some really great new rule additions. The book includes one of the best horror check rules that I’ve seen in d20. It appears to be a blend of OGL Horror and the Sanity Rules in Unearthed Arcana that were adapted from Call of Cthulu d20. The book also includes new Flaws that add a little depth to your characters personality (Cowardly, Cruel, Envious, Greedy, Hot-Headed, etc). There are also Diplomacy skill rules on how to ‘tempt’ someone of the opposite sex and detailed rules on profiling. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:12 PM

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