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Thursday, November 10

All That Glitters - Part 5d: The Hidden Cave

Cal roared a challenged, his earflaps raised in defiance. Something very large roared back.

"Cal, wait!" said Bijoux, but he was beyond reason. The ss'ressen charged off into the fog.

"He's going to get himself killed," said IlmarÄ—.

"Not if he gets us killed first," said Sebastian. "Stay alert, we don't know how many of these things are out there."

Bijoux clutched her staff, her head bobbing up and down as she struggled to see through the mists.

The fihali disappeared with a yelp as a black flash of fur and claws batted Bijoux into the fog.

"Enough of this," said Sebastian, rising up out of the water. He pointed both palms in the direction of where Bijoux disappeared. "Fuco aspergo!"

A vivid cone of clashing colors sprang forth from Sebastian's hands, illuminating the mists with a rainbow of dazzling hues. Something in the fog wailed, followed by a heavy thud.

"Let's hope that wasn't Bijoux," said IlmarÄ—. The elorii cursed as she fiddled with a small black rod. [MORE]


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