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Tuesday, November 15

Well of Stars: All Hell Breaks Loose

Deren, Rebma, Klekless, Bjorn, Petey, and Bertram all meet at the same time. The results are...explosive.

Deren and Klekless whirled on each other at the same time.

"You tried to sacrifice me!"

"You ruined my Unmaking Ceremony!"

Klekless opened his palms at Deren.

"Oh no you don't!" he shouted. "I've seen this trick before!" Then Deren socked him in the nose.

Klekless fell backwards, clutching his face. "You sob ob a bitch! You brode my node!"

"I'm going to do a lot worse to you than that," said Deren. He looked around for his walking stick and spotted the obsidian knife on the altar where Teudile had lost his grip on it. Klekless saw the blade too.

They both dove for it at the same time. Klekless got to it first, but the blood on his hands made it slippery. It popped up into the air like a salmon.

Deren hopped up onto the altar, one hand shoving Klekless back to grab it. The stone altar beneath them, dislodged from its moorings by the explosion, rocked as their weight shifted.

Deren and Klekless froze. The stone slid a little more. "Dobe…moobe…" said Klekless.

The knife, still pirouetting in the air, clinked in the middle of the altar.

And then the one-eyed noble, the sorcerer, and the altar beneath them went sailing down the side of the Lithonian temple.

41,626 / 75,000


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