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Friday, November 18

Well of Stars: Closing the Trap

Barish makes it into the Sturmgeld. But it's too easy.

"A bluff," said Barish. He downed his own drink, hard. "So he was in a rush. He wanted to end the siege quickly. And you didn't fall for it. But why let us into the city? With rationing, we can hold him off for months with these supplies."

Farrim took another swig and put his drink down. He peered into the depths of the mug, deep in thought.

Barish slammed his drink onto the table. "That's it!"


"Telgis' troops need no supplies. They don't eat; they don't get tired. They don't need relief. There's only one thing Telgis needs more of."

Farrim slowly turned to meet Barish's gaze.


A small shockwave sloshed the contents of Farrim's mug. Then another. And another.

Something huge was coming their way.

48,150 / 75,000


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