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Saturday, November 26

Well of Stars: Home Stretch

We're in the home stretch! The novel picks up speed here with a few different events: Deren and Rebma soldier on alone. And then it's time for a flashback!

Rebma was shivering uncontrollably. Her breath came in long, ragged gasps.

"Sinnikpok," said the older woman, pointing at the covers.

"Okay, okay, I get it," said Deren. He slipped under the covers with Rebma.

Rebma’s body was freezing, cold in ways no human body should ever be cold. He put one arm beneath her neck and encircled her with the other. She was a tight ball, but when he touched her she relaxed a bit. He tried to bring her body as close to his as possible.

The old woman watched sternly. The younger one struggled not to giggle. Finally, the older woman was satisfied. She left the tent.

"Somehow," muttered Deren, "this is not how I imagined it."

72,090 / 75,000


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