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Sunday, November 20

Well of Stars: OMG My Eyes Are Bleeding

I'm too exhausted to explain the details, but in a frenzy of writing, I caught up on my novel. I reached, in a frenzy of writing, the word count I should be at on November 20 of National Novel Writing Month. According to the NaNoWriMo site:
And now a request for the weekend: Mid-thirties, all around. Hit the 35,000-word mark in your book by Monday and you're absolutely golden. If you're way behind, fear not. Every year, thousands of writers go from being out of contention to caught up over the course of this weekend.
My eyes are bleeding and my fingers are claws, but God help me, I did it. I'd like to thank my loving wife, my collection of bad 80's rock, and my Tivo for keeping me sane throughout. Check out that word count baby!

59,310 / 75,000


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:58 PM

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