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Wednesday, November 23

Well of Stars: Redli, Bertram, and Petey's Exit

Too much happens here, but suffice it to say it involves a dragon, a zombie, a dwarf, and a whole lot of snow.

Every sort of wildlife that Redli had killed crawled, slithered, climbed and bounced to life. Caribou, bears, wolves, and rodents of all kinds came skittering out of the trees and slopes, surging in a wave towards the two humans.

A beautiful, strong male voice sang out:
"The women are unsettled
As feathers in the wind,
Each moment changes their minds."

"Whit th' heel is 'at?" asked Redli.

"In tears, or even smiles,
Yes, women's lovely face,
Forever beguiles us!" sang Bertram.

Redli spun around, trying to pinpoint the sound.

"The men that is so mad
To trust a women's heart
Forever must be sad," sang Bertram.

"Noo i've seen it aw," said Redli. "A singin' zombie."

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posted by Michael Tresca at 9:38 PM

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