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Tuesday, November 1

Well of Stars Update: Betrayed!

The story so far...

The Five Heroes sent to throw the Crown of Rule into the Well of Stars, destroying it forever, have failed in a big way. The half-pint known as Marty Cardluck wore the crown instead of destroying it and then turned his three remaining companions to the forces of evil. Each of them is assigned a territory to conquer. For Bjorn, the human ranger who's supposedly royalty (but nobody believes him), falls the task of conquering the lizard-like Lithonians in the Swamplands. And Telgis, the elf who is a terrible shot with a bow, gets to conquer Castle Drakungheist and the rest of the Keystone Empire. Redli, the dwarf with the accent nobody can understand, is assigned to take over the Northern Wastes that nobody else wants.

And that brings us to Castle Drakungheist and its newly appointed King, Deren Usher. With no memory, a gem for a left eye, and skilled in the art of cane fighting, Deren struggles to gain the trust of his people. He is secretly opposed by the Steward, Marith Drakungheist. Drakungheist is under siege by a legion of undead and Deren has just been told the news. Then things go from bad to worse...

Perin met him in the hall. He looked over Deren's shoulder.

"Where are the others?"

"Dead," said Deren.

"What of the dragon?"

Deren blinked. It had never occurred to him that the dragon was really that important. "Who cares about the damn—"

Petey flapped down to land on Deren's shoulder.

"There's still hope," said Perin, satisfied. "Follow me, there's a way out of here that even Marith doesn't know about."

"Great," said Deren. "But first I'm going back in there to kill that bastard with my own two hands."

Perin shook his head. "Please, Your Majesty. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain." He was looked over his shoulder. "Besides," he said, "it looks like you'll have a chance to slake your bloodthirst."

That's when the shambling dead came into the light. There were dozens of them, such that they crowded the hallway, stumbling and crawling over each other.

Petey pooped on Deren's shoulder.

24,160 / 75,000


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