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Thursday, November 17

Well of Stars Update: Burning Bridges

Farrim realizes that he can't let Telgis take the bridge that spans the Long River. So he decides to destroy it himself. But firing a catapult at a target is not as easy as he thought.

There was the familiar whip-crack of the catapult firing. The piece of masonry, broken off from Telgis’ bombardment, was easily the size of a house. Farrim watched as it sailed towards him.

Then he started running. The men had fired too short.

Catapults weren’t precise weapons by any means. Normally, they would have measured out the range of the weapon with markers. But there was no time for markers and the men needed a target to aim at.

He hurled himself forward just at the moment of impact. Chunks of rock and stone bounced toward him. One piece whistled towards his head.

Another soldier skidded in front of him with a tower shield. The impact knocked him back a good foot, but it held.

"Thanks," said Farrim, out of breath.

The soldier saluted. "Welcome to Sturmgeld, Captain."

45,120 / 75,000


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:17 PM

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