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Saturday, November 5

Well of Stars Update: Burning Questions

Rebma, Farrim, Klekless, and Deren all end up on the steam locomotive known as the Iron Dragon. Since it's a coal burning engine, it doesn't go very fast. Until Klekless arrives, that is:

"Right. Well, I guess I should be going." Klekless turned towards the door. "Actually," he paused, "I think I have a solution to your fuel consumption problem."

"Really?" asked the engineer hopefully. "You military types have all the answers, huh. What gives?"

Klekless put one hand on the man’s shoulder. "Take a look inside the stove." He leaned down and the engineer crouched over next to him. "See inside there?"

"Yeah?" said the engineer. "I don’t see anything."

"Oh, you will," said Klekless. He took a step back. "What you’re missing is…fat."

The engineer, who was overweight, continued peering into the engine. His ample rump was facing Klekless. "Fat you say?"

"Yes. Human fat. Let me demonstrate."

31,836 / 75,000


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