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Thursday, November 3

Well of Stars Update: A Demonstration

Rebma the necromanceress shows Farrim just how hopeless melee combat is against the undead.

"Here, let me show you. Bertram, come here."

The zombie moaned.

"You heard me, Bertram. Come HERE."

Bertram shuffled over to his mistress with the huge coffin-like trunk on his back. His face was somewhere near her waist.

"So imagine Bertram's attacking you. You pull a weapon on him." She reached into a skull-shaped belt buckle. With a tug, she pulled the upper part of the skull out, revealing a small knife. "You strikeā€¦" before Farrim could react, Rebma speared Bertram in the forehead with the knife.

"Sikkar's teeth!" shouted Farrim.

"Nggggggh!" groaned Bertram.

Rebma left the blade in Bertram, the upper part of the skull sticking out of his forehead. "No effect whatsoever. Do you see my point?"

Bertram's eyes crossed to look at the knife.

28,192 / 75,000


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:46 PM

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