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Monday, November 21

Well of Stars Update: Deren and Rebma Have a "Moment"

Deren and Rebma finally get a chance to be alone.

"I'm not sure why you let the traitors go," said Rebma, staring at the trickle of horses exiting the city. "They'll only turn against you later."

"Maybe," said Deren. "I gave them a means of saving face. They can say they're spreading the word of my return."

"As opposed to running with their tails between their legs," said Rebma. Her expression softened with genuine concern. "You're too kindhearted."

"If that's the image I project, then I'm glad," said Deren with a smirk. "It is important I be seen as a benevolent ruler after my checkered past. And the best way to do that is to embrace my enemies."

"So you plan on giving the Darklord a hug?"

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posted by Michael Tresca at 9:35 PM

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