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Sunday, November 13

Well of Stars Update: Dragon Feet

Klekless and Deren have been allies up to this point. But when faced with the prospect of a Lithonian ceremony that transforms him into a dragon, Klekless will stop at nothing.

Klekless froze. "What kingdom is that?"


Klekless' features became a mask of control. "Really. Do you know what your name means in Old Empire?"

Deren shook his head.

"The Spirit of the Dragon. I think perhaps the Lithonians have made a mistake. The servant is the master and the master the servant."

"Wait a minute," said Deren. "You can't seriously believe that I'm supposed to save the Lithonian people? I'm not going to go through with that ceremony."

"No," said Klekless slowly. "You're not." He turned back to Teudile. "I've changed my mind. Just one sacrifice will do." He pointed at Deren.

Petey pooped on Deren's shoulder.

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