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Sunday, November 6

Well of Stars Update: Give Us a Brake!

Rebma, Deren, and Klekless are ambushed on the train. The sorcery Rebma unleashes ultimately causes the tracks to give out over a bridge. It's up to Bertram to save them!

Then the full weight of the Iron Dragon hit Bertram in the head. The mists from the river below made everything slippery. Bertram lost his grip.

Bertram needn't have worried. Before he could fall, he bounced between the tracks and the wheels. The zombie's body flopped around as it ricocheted from track to wheel and then his body snapped and bent in directions human physiology was never meant to go.

The wheels locked up with zombie flesh and bone. A horrible screeching of metal on metal tore through the valley. Sparks lit up beneath the car. Then Bertram's hair—what was left of it—caught on fire.

The Iron Dragon screeched to a stop. Bertram, from his vantage point, with his head nearly disconnected, was able to look down to see they had only feet before the cars would have plunged into the valley. The fuel car tumbled off end over end, spewing coal in a black cloud as it crashed into the roaring river below.

His head continued to sizzle and crackle, but Bertram didn't mind.

33,960 / 75,000


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