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Wednesday, November 2

Well of Stars Update: Great Escapes

Deren comes face to face with Arturius Drakungheist, who died only days before. Through the power of the Crown of Rule, everybody's corpse is fair game.
"Do you see what kind of deal you made?" Deren pointed at Arturius. "Do you see what you have done, Marith? He doesn’t care about what or whom he uses, so long as they bend to his will. And you’ve fallen right into his trap."

Marith’s features contorted with conflicting emotions. Tears filled her eyes and she looked sideways, almost afraid to stare upon the corpse of her father.

"Silence, human," said Telgis. In the torchlight, the elf looked even more alien. Strange, spider veins were etched across the tips of his ears and nose, as if he had too much blood in some places and not enough in others. "If I remember correctly, it was you who stole the crown from the Drakungheists. That," he gestured with the back of his hand towards Arturius, "thing is not her father any longer. He has no memory or feelings."

Petey flapped down to land on Deren’s shoulder again. "Are you so sure, elf? You underestimate the power of the human soul. But then, I suppose you wouldn’t know about that."

Telgis rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes, I’m an elf and I don’t know what it’s like to be human. Oh you’ve really wounded me to the quick. After I kill you and bring you back, you can prove that this human soul is that powerful by completely ignoring my commands. Lets test my theory, shall we?" He reached for his bow.

Deren lifted one finger. His voice rose to dramatic heights. "You can defeat us, but you will never conquer the human—"

And then Perin found the hidden lever on the wall. An entire section of stone swiveled around, unceremoniously dumping them on the other side.

26,168 / 75,000


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