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Monday, November 14

Well of Stars Update: Lost Potential

Bjorn finally fires the cannon as Klekless decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. Somehow, we get a dragon out of all this.

"I've never seen a dragon, Bertram," she said as her zombie servant lowered her to the ground. "But that thing is surely much, much worse."

"Nnngh," said Bertram. He gestured behind her.

Rebma's hands were clasping her ears. "The Darklord's trying to blow that city to bits, Bertram. Let's try to even the odds."

"Nnngh!" said Bertram. He waved his arms in the vague direction over Rebma's shoulder.

Rebma rolled up her sleeves. "This calls for a little necromancy. Bertram, get my things."

"NNNGH!" said Bertram. His jaw hung open.

"What is it?"

Rebma whirled to look behind her. Then she saw the dragon.


39,009 / 75,000


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