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Saturday, November 19

Well of Stars Update: Mano a Elfo

Deren, Petey, Bertram, and Rebma to the rescue! Sort of.

Deren barreled towards the elf and launched into the air, catching him at the waist with a flying tackle. Telgis went down, hard.

"You dare to touch me?" The elf’s beautiful features were twisted in rage. Deren lifted a fist to punch him right in his pretty face.

But then he blurred and was gone.

Deren blinked. "What the—"

There was a CRACK! and Deren felt the world spin. Someone had kicked him in the stomach.

Deren rolled over, trying to catch his breath. "Fast," was all he could get out.

"That’s right, human. Faster than you’ll ever be. I’m no lumbering zombie." More lights exploded in Deren’s head as Telgis kicked him twice more.

Deren stumbled backwards, rising to his feet. "Kill you," he said.

"Really?" said Telgis, pretending to be deep in thought. "Not today."

He blurred again. Deren tried to focus, but the edges of his vision were beginning to darken. There were two sharp pains to his side, more blows from the elf. Something snapped, probably ribs.

Deren fell backwards. The ground was soft from being so close to the Long River. He felt grateful. Telgis shadow loomed over him.

"You’ve been quite enough of a nuisance," said Telgis. "I’m going to reanimate you as my court jester." He lifted a fist.

49,510 / 75,000


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