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Thursday, November 3

Well of Stars Update: The Price of Gas

Deren finally gets to the Iron Dragon. It's not what he was hoping for.
"Then I give you," he turned with a majestic sweep of his arms to encompass the other side of the tracks. "THE IRON DRAGON!"

Deren looked up. Petey tilted his head and looked up too.

"Uh, sir. Over here."

Deren looked over.


"Here, sir." The man pointed at a long series of metal boxes with wheels on the bottom. It was on a pair of rails.

"The dragon’s in there?"

"No, no, no. That IS the Iron Dragon!"

"Doesn’t look like a dragon to me."

Petey chirped in agreement.

"Well it is, sir. It’s an Iron Dragon. Forged by the finest dwarven craftsmen, it was used to ferry weapons to the Jreastern front from Keystone, back when the two were allies. Now it provides transportation in the blink of an eye to anywhere in the world!"

26,702 / 75,000


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