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Thursday, November 17

Well of Stars Update: Run Away!

Wistrow and Farrim have a difference of opinion. And then Telgis fires an arrow.

The tower rocked again from the force of explosions beneath it. Farrim was escorted out onto the bridge by the two guards, who relaxed their grip once he was out of Wistrow’s sight.

"I feel sorry for you two," said Farrim. "I’m going back to a more fortified location."

The guards were mute. What could they say?

Just then, Wistrow’s corpse sailed past them, an arrow sticking out of his head.

The two guards looked at each other, then at Farrim.

"Well, that makes me commanding officer. Retreat!" shouted Farrim. And this time, the soldiers listened.

44,033 / 75,000


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:35 AM

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