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Friday, November 18

Well of Stars Update: Telgis Gets Cocky

He's an elf. What did you expect?

Telgis watched the bombardment atop a horse that had stopped breathing a long time ago. It made for a smoother ride. The cannonfire was wreaking havoc on the convoy. The captain didn’t dare bring his men-at-arms out of the protective circle of the wagons, but his bowman couldn’t strike back. Human bows were no match for Dwarven ingenuity.

Of course, if it had been elves he were facing, that’d be a different story entirely. Telgis sighed. The good old days.

Telgis raised one arm and the firing stopped.

“Time to mop up.”

Telgis pointed to his left and right and then brought his hands together to point forward. His men dismounted and advanced against the wagon enclave.

45,512 / 75,000


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:22 AM

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