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Tuesday, November 8

Well of Stars Update:

Rebma survives the train wreck but the other passengers are not so fortunate.
"You're lucky I had a spare eye in my trunk. You lost one of yours," said Rebma. "Come to think of it, maybe I can help that Deren fellow. But back to business, pick up the trunk."

"Graaaaah!" said Bertram.

"I know it's a swamp! But those tools just put your sorry sack of flesh back in working order, so maybe you should show a little appreciation for your mistress' generosity and do what she says, hmm?"

Bertram hung his head low and rolled his eyes. "Nnnnnnnn," he moaned. Then he shambled over to the trunk.

"The necromantic energies get stronger every day," said Rebma. "Unfortunately, it took a lot of energy to pull us out of that fracas, or I would have created a mount too. So you'll have to do." She stepped daintily over the trunk and, lifting her skirts, sat sideways upon it. The trunk sank a foot into the muck.

Bertram's jaw fell open to elicit another protest.

"Make a wisecrack about my weight and I'm putting you back in the ground," said Rebma. "Now lift."

35,760 / 75,000


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