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Friday, December 16

To Reap the Whirlwind - Part 2a: Uninvited Guests

"Something's wrong," said Quintus.

"What?" asked Vlad.

"The gates," he said. "They're closed and locked, but the guards that should normally be stationed here are missing."

Kham threw back his overcoat; five flintlocks were visible dangling from a bandolier across his chest and waist.

"I see you still have your handgonnes," said Quintus. "Good, I was afraid you might be useless."

Kham reached into one of the many pockets inside his overcoat and pulled forth a dagger instead. "First of all, they're flintlocks," he said as a small rod popped out of the back of the dagger. He shook the dagger, and lock picks sprung out of the rod.

Kham inserted the lock pick into the lock. With a flick of his wrist, Kham turned the dagger's handle and the gate swung open. "Second, I've got plenty of skills you don't know about."

Quintus didn't say anything as Kham bowed slightly, with one open palm towards the senator's home.

As they approached, it was clear that the main door had been warped and shaped to create a circular opening.

"Trouble," said Quintus. He lifted his spear and charged forward towards the door. [MORE]


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