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Wednesday, December 21

To Reap the Whirlwind - Part 2b: Uninvited Guests

"My son became progressively worse," said the senator. "I knew not whom to trust after Theron's betrayal."

"Oh yeah, I remember him," said Kham. "The kid's hopefully less…transparent these days."

The senator continued. "I began to seek out my contacts in the Sanctorum, trying to find old friends and comrades. I finally contacted an adventuring companion by the name of Livinus. It seemed that the old man had decided to retire from the affairs of man and took up the task of training young mages while indulging in an old passion of his: archaeology."

For the first time, Kham looked interested. "Go on," he said.

"Livinus told me that he had set up a Sanctorum in the lost city of Balamshal, in the trackless wastes of the Hinterlands. He said there were ruins that even the Elorii considered ancient. Most importantly, there was a sacred well that restored vitality and healed even the sickest among them. So I entrust my son's well-being to him and prayed for his recovery."

"The boy is dying and there is no way to save him," said Solanius. "Let him at least die for a noble cause than a meaningless death."

Vlad shoved Solanius with his foot for good measure. [MORE]


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