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Wednesday, January 25

Assault Upon the Gate of Tears - Part 1a: Into the Breach

Kham glanced sideways at him. "Yeah, right. We're not going through any portals. It'd be a lot easier for the Arch Mages to teleport us to the destination, but the explosion would have destroyed the other half of what's left of Balamshal."

"For once, pay less attention to your powder horns and more to your vials and scrolls," said Quintus, marching stoically ahead of them. He showed no signs of fatigue, even though they had been walking for hours. "The Arch Mages were kind enough to share their magic, but it does us no good if we do not know when and how to use it."

"Share?" asked Kham. "I'm nearly broke from buying all this stuff. I wouldn't want them to give us any supplies for free. It's not like we're saving the world or anything."

"Don't you ever stop talking?" asked IlmarÄ— in irritation. [MORE]


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